Monday, September 20, 2010

Featured Artist - Rachel RaeoLight on Etsy

Here it is! The first feature! I am siked to have picked Rachel from RaeoLight photography! Her work is beautiful and I think my favorite part of her photography is that she shoots with a 35mm! Enjoy! :)

-My name is Rachel Edgington and I'm from Joplin, MO

What's your art/craft and how did you get started?
-I am a photographer and I got started taking pictures about 4 or so years ago.

Your etsy link

Is it just a hobby or is it a main source of income?
-Right now it's just a hobby. If I had a little bit more capital I would love to make it my secondary income. I've discovered that selling prints is a very competitive world and sometimes it's good just to settle for just doing it for fun.

How is your work unique/what makes you different?
-Well a few years ago this wouldn't have mattered but with the upswing of technology today one of the unique qualities of my work is that almost all of my pieces are taken with a 35mm camera. I do some digital prints, but the depth of field isn't as crisp as with my Canon. I also live in a small Midwest town so many of the places I shot haven't really been captured before. And with the history of mining and all the other Main Street qualities I have found some very awesome shots.

What is your favorite product/medium to work with/in?
-I love working with my camera. I have a couple other products I've added to make my work available to those not really looking for wall decor but for the most part I find taking an afternoon to capture the landscape around me very relaxing.

Your favorite/least favorite part of what you do.
-Well probably getting them developed. I hate waiting to see my creations come to life. I love picking them up and gazing at my shots for the first time but waiting the hour always kills me.


  1. Great interview and great blog here! You've done an amazing job of setting this up, I saw your link at the Etsy forum, will visit again soon!

  2. Thanks so much for the feature! It looks great!

  3. Very nice interview and great job!

  4. It was a pleasure, Rachel! And thank you everyone! I'm glad I was able to do a feature! More to come soon!